A company with a difference

We Do Care, because we care!

Providing home, respite and palliative care as well as fun and fulfilling

Outreach services to clients in London and the surrounding areas.

"To care for those who once cared for us, is one of the highest honors" - Tia Walker

Useful Information

​​​​"One person caring for another represents life's greatest value - Jim Rohn

We Do Care (London) Ltd

Our company ethos is to put the needs of clients above all else, and you can rest assured that you or your loved ones are safe in our hands. All of our staff are fully vetted for the necessary skills and traits that the company demands.


That the carers assigned by the NHS *ARE NOT* your only choice?

That you can get some or even *ALL* of your care hours funded by the local authority?

That you may be entitled to hours of outreach calls each week to get you out and about?


​​​We Do Care (London) - Putting 'Care' back into Carer